Project Feature – Prairie du Chien

“We loved working with James Netz and his team. We would without a doubt recommend his services. He was easy to work with and exceeded our expectations while holding true to our budget. Netz has a great concept of tourism, web design, marketing strategies and he managed to make it extremely easy to tie the many different elements into a single – yet cohesive – project.”~ Bob Moses

As Due North Digital (DND) continue to grow and thrive, they were given an opportunity that allowed them to broaden their horizons in areas outside of photography and videography. This opportunity consisted of spearheading the Prairie du Chien branding project. What started as a simple video campaign, quickly transitioned into James Netz helping Bob Moses conceptualize and bring to life a complete rebranding of Prairie du Chien

Creative Planning:

Netz first met with Bob 2 years ago at the Wisconsin Governor’s Conference on Tourism (WIGCOT). He was looking for somebody to spice up the town’s website through a series of videos and photos. The goal was to give the site – and brand – a more modern look and feel.


The team at DND began shooting both photos and videos of Prairie du Chien’s major activities and events throughout the year. They put together individual videos on the different events and then created a single all-encompassing video showing what amenities/events are available is like in Prairie du Chien. Both the board of directors and Bob loved the finished products; however, Bob was struggling because he now had these great modern-day videos but felt as though he needed to incorporate the rich history that the town is submerged in. 

Visual Story-Telling: 

To appease both worlds, Netz came up with the idea of marrying the historical components of the town to the modern-day appeal that drives tourism in the area. That’s where this brainchild called “A Travel Through Time” was born. The video tells the story of an older Victorian couple traveling through time to modern-day Prairie du Chien. The video took about a year to put together and was a great example of how we were able to put our creativity to use in a fun and exciting way. 

As Bob and DND began working closely together, he asked that Netz review their previous site since he has experience in both the tourism industry as well as some web development skills. It was a great opportunity because Netz was able to look at things from a holistic viewpoint by guiding the website’s direction in a way that would maximize the impact of the video project. It was determined that the upcoming generation has become more video-driven rather than relying so heavily on written content, which is why they directed the major focus of the site to promote the videos.  

Next Steps

The relationship with Bob is an ongoing one. The DND team is currently working on a War of 1812 video and they have plans to shoot more activities throughout the year. Netz says “the most satisfying part of this project was establishing a strong relationship and foundation of trust with Bob and the board. We’re looking forward to the work we’ll be continuing to do with Bob and his team throughout the rest of this year.”

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