Heading Due South with Due North Digital/James Netz Photography

In early August, Due North Digital/James Netz Photography teamed up with Superior Sauna & Steam to travel together to four Latin American cities on a quest to film ancient Mayan steam rooms. On August 2nd, the team began their 10-day expedition with one primary objective in mind – to research and document the techniques that…
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Project Feature – Prairie du Chien

“We loved working with James Netz and his team. We would without a doubt recommend his services. He was easy to work with and exceeded our expectations while holding true to our budget. Netz has a great concept of tourism, web design, marketing strategies and he managed to make it extremely easy to tie the…
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Shooting with OneGunn

“Working with Jim (James Netz) was, and always has been, such an incredible experience. Everything we needed – he found. He truly brought my vision to life and managed to do amazing work within the budget. From scheduling and pre-planning to the actual act of executing the video, he managed every task flawlessly. When it…
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