Shooting with OneGunn

“Working with Jim (James Netz) was, and always has been, such an incredible experience. Everything we needed – he found. He truly brought my vision to life and managed to do amazing work within the budget. From scheduling and pre-planning to the actual act of executing the video, he managed every task flawlessly. When it comes to projects, Netz is the man I always call before anybody else.” ~ OneGunn

The team at Due North Digital (DND) recently had the opportunity of a lifetime. They took part in the creation of a soul-filled Reggae and RnB music video that’s all about joining in to take part in this little thing we know called ‘LOVE’.

“The song is all about love. We all run across road bumps in our relationships – the song acts as an opportunity to get back on the right track with your loved one. It never hurts to start with a dozen roses,” says music artist OneGunn. 

OneGunn and Netz have worked on several different projects together for almost a decade, now. The dynamic duo are a powerhouse in the industry since they are two artists working together to really dive in and embrace the creative process. By utilizing the DND capabilities, they started working on the video after Netz informed OneGunn of the perfect little eclectic theater in Hayward they could use for the base of the video.

Creative Planning & Pre-Production:

It all started with OneGunn explaining his vision to James Netz and his team at Due North Digital. As they brainstormed different ideas, they settled on showing what love looks like in all facets (not just humans but also animals). Netz scouted the Hayward area, finding the perfect bridge for certain shots and even managed to wrangle up a classic car for OneGunn to drive to represent old school love. 

“We were working with a tight budget and an extremely short time-frame. The best part of this entire project was conceptualizing, plotting and planning the video alongside Netz in such a short amount of time. It was a challenge but we did it, and it turned out exactly how I envisioned. I couldn’t have done it without Netz and his DND team of talent and creative thinkers,” says OneGunn.


During the production phase of the video Netz was blown away by how selfless and helpful the residents and community of Hayward was. Everyone he worked with was quick to offer their time, businesses and efforts to make sure the music video went off without a hitch. 

“It was a challenging – but incredibly rewarding project. Music videos are something that we get to be extremely creative. They allow us to bring all of our talents to the circus. Something that should’ve taken days to create only took a matter of hours thanks to the collaboration of workers, Hayward businesses and a solid plan of action that we formulated before the shoot,” says Netz. 

The result was amazing. The artists were able to create a masterpiece of their own that they could all be proud of. If you’re looking for help with a unique or challenging project reach out to Due North Digital, today. For more information on the services DND provides click HERE

We’re ready to help you bring your ideas to life – in bigger and bolder ways than you can imagine. Reach out to us today to get started.